Leading Edge Cabinet Guard

Protect Your Investment

Whether you have just installed the kitchen of your dreams or are tired of expensive and inconvenient cabinet touch-ups.

High grade stainless steel cabinet guards made in the U.S.A. create a sophisticated and low maintenance protection for your kitchen that will last for last for years.  

Trash & Recycling Guards

This drawer is used several times a day by multiple family members and often shows the wear.

Protect the edge with this easy-to-install stainless steel solution.

You will be glad you did.


All  Drawer Guards

Some cabinets, especially silverware drawers develop chips to the finish with daily use.  

The solution is easy.

Vertical  Cabinet Guards

Rings on fingers and  slammed cabinets can chip finishes and create visual blemishes to your beautiful kitchen.

Line the edges once and you will break the expensive and inconvenient refinishing cycle.

Sink Splash Guard

This guard is thicker than the cabinet guards and creates a sophisticated and durable solution to stop peeling paint behind your sink.

Simply install, calk and wipe off with daily use.